October 20

Considerations for Using a Trust

October 20, 2017 Considerations for Using a TrustBy Jeffrey S. Goethe, Esq. Trusts are legal documents based upon complex laws and legal principals. One trust form does not work for everyone. Only an attorney can provide legal advice concerning the need for a trust, the specific trust terms appropriate for a particular client, and the.

October 20

Are You a Florida Resident?

October 20, 2017 Are You a Florida Resident? Being a Florida resident has many advantages. The homestead property tax exemption can save hundreds of dollars per year on your property tax bill, and can save even more if you home increases in value after you become a Florida resident. There is no state income tax and.

October 2

Scam Artists Target Veterans Pension Benefit

Unscrupulous individuals claiming to be “Veterans Financial Advocates” are targeting American Veterans with a new dastardly scam. These so-called “Veterans Financial Advocates” will claim that they can assist the Veteran in qualifying for the Department of Veterans Affairs Pension Benefit for low-income Veterans by taking actions that closely resemble legitimate Medicaid planning techniques.