April 27


Marketing Services Agreements Many real estate brokerages and large Realtor® teams have Marketing Services Agreements with title companies that, in exchange for a monthly rent and/or marketing fee, allow the title companies to exclusively market their services to the brokerage’s or team’s Realtors® and to have access to the brokerage’s or team’s offices for the.

November 20

Three Important Basics to Remember About 1031 Exchanges

Frequently, we are contacted by individuals who have heard about the tax advantages of a 1031 exchange, but are often mistaken or mislead about some of the basic mechanics. So, what exactly is a 1031 exchange? In basic terms, I.R.C. 1031 allows for the deferral of capital gains tax on the sale of property held.

November 20

A Realtor’s Guide: The New FAR/BAR Contract and Settlement Statement Changes Due to the New CFPB and TRID Requirements

A REALTOR’S GUIDE: THE NEW FAR/BAR CONTRACT AND SETTLEMENT STATEMENT CHANGES DUE TO THE NEW CFPB AND TRID REQUIREMENTS (WITH CLARIFICATIONS TO THE DODD-FRANK ACT) As you are well aware, the new Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) has mandated a new closing disclosure called TRID (which stands for TILA RESPA Integrated Disclosure) which has caused.

April 7

Barnes Walker Spring 2015 Newsletter

Click here to read the full newsletter! Descent of Homestead by Lawrence W. Thomas, Esq. A common situation which estate planning attorneys and real estate practitioners encounter is that of the descent of homestead real property. Many people in Florida only think of homestead in terms of the exemption that they can claim for ad.

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