April 2

Short Sales 101

A Short Sale means the seller’s lender is accepting a discount of the loan payoff to release an existing mortgage to allow a sale to occur. Typically, a seller most likely needs to be in default and have stopped making mortgage payments before a lender will consider a short sale. Just because the seller is.

January 9

Starting Your Own Business

Starting Your Own Business — Do You Need A Corporation,Partnership, Or Llc? What Else Do You Need To Know? I. ISSUES TO BE CONSIDERED. In starting your own business, some of the areas in which you will need to make decisions are as follows: 1. Choosing a business entity. 2. Establishing and organizing the business.

January 9

Business Sales 101

Business Sale Concepts, Issues, Traps & Tools Seminar A – The Two Types of Business Sales and When Each Is Used 1. Asset Purchase. This is the most common way to purchase small businesses. It is strongly desired by Buyers because it avoids Buyers unknowingly assuming the liabilities of the entity (e.g., a corporation or.

January 9

Potential Dangers To Realtors® In A Title Commitment

This article will discuss the “hidden title defects” that can be found in a title insurance commitment. These hidden title defects pose a serious danger to you, as the selling Realtor®, because a buyer harmed by these defects can seek to sue you and your broker to recover the buyer’s losses from the defect. A.

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