January 9

What You Need to Know About Real Estate and Loan Closing Costs

Closings are meetings in which documents are executed and funds exchanged to implement the terms of a real estate contract and/or loan agreement for purposes of conveying and mortgaging real estate. Present at such meetings are sellers, buyers, real estate agents, loan officers, and the closing agent who conducts the meeting. In Florida, closing agents.

January 9

Why Title Insurance is worth the cost

For most home buyers, buying their home is the largest, most important investment of their lives. It is, therefore, critical to know that the title to the property will be free and clear and therefore marketable. Home buyers often do not know what title insurance provides, what it insures, and whether they need it or.

January 9

What is the real estate closing process?

The real estate closing process commences with a seller and a buyer reaching agreement upon the terms for the sale and purchase of real estate. Real estate agents and attorneys assist in this process, and the terms of the agreement are inserted into a written contract. The written contract contains such terms as: 1. The.

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