November 1

Jeffrey S. Goethe Participating in Continuing Education Seminar on February 10, 2020 in Tampa

Jeffrey S. Goethe will be participating in another continuing education seminar for attorneys, accountants, and paralegals on February 10, 2020 in Tampa. He will cover the following topics: HOMESTEAD IN PROBATE; DETERMINING IF SPOUSE’S ELECTIVE SHARE IS A REASONABLE OPTION; and PUTTING THE CASE TO REST: CLOSING THE ESTATE View more information about the seminar

October 9

Florida’s Homestead Protections Perplex Planners & Probate Attorneys

Decisions involving Florida’s homestead protections continue to show the need for careful analysis of the probate issues when a Florida resident dies owning a primary residence. The protections in the Florida Constitution have protected families since at least 1868, but continue to perplex planners and probate attorneys.

September 1

Is That Property Really “Waterfront?”

A real estate story with a very happy ending occurs when a seller and buyer and their real estate agents close the sale and purchase of a multi-million dollar property on the water. Or does it? Maybe not, if no one obtained a survey or studied the survey. That multi-million dollar property may not truly be on the water.

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