October 20

Are You a Florida Resident?

October 20, 2017 Are You a Florida Resident? Being a Florida resident has many advantages. The homestead property tax exemption can save hundreds of dollars per year on your property tax bill, and can save even more if you home increases in value after you become a Florida resident. There is no state income tax and.

October 2

Scam Artists Target Veterans Pension Benefit

Unscrupulous individuals claiming to be “Veterans Financial Advocates” are targeting American Veterans with a new dastardly scam. These so-called “Veterans Financial Advocates” will claim that they can assist the Veteran in qualifying for the Department of Veterans Affairs Pension Benefit for low-income Veterans by taking actions that closely resemble legitimate Medicaid planning techniques.

September 25

A Deed Indeed! A Guide to Different Types of Deeds in Florida

here are four basic types of deeds in Florida with some specialized deeds based on one of the four types. The four basic types of deeds, in order of decreasing benefit to the Grantee, are: the Warranty Deed, the Special Warranty Deed, the Fee Simple Deed, and the Quit Claim Deed. In addition, there are specialized Deeds such as Personal Representative’s, Trustee’s, Guardian’s, and Life Estate Deeds.

September 14

Plan Your Affairs While the Sun is Shining

President John F. Kennedy said, “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” The same philosophy should be applied to planning your legal and financial affairs. Don’t wait until you face a crisis to think about your estate plan. Over the years, our firm has assisted many families who encountered situations which could have been avoided or simplified with proper professional advice. The recent storms affecting Florida are a reminder that planning must be done before the storm hits. There are many tools that minimize the inconvenience to those who will step up to help in the event you become incapacitated and handle your assets after you pass away.

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