June 16

Partner Jeff Goethe Contributes to Florida Bar Publication

Practice Under the Florida Bar Probate Code - Tenth Edition

The Florida Bar has released the Tenth Edition of Practice Under the Florida Probate Code. Jeffrey Goethe was responsible for the updates to Chapter 14, Final Distribution and Discharge. The chapter covers the procedures form completing the probate administration process, making distributions to beneficiaries, and obtaining the Order of Discharge.

April 17

Florida Probate Rules Committee Vulnerable Adult Rule

Florida Beach Sunset

The Florida Probate Rules Committee was tasked with the creation of forms for Florida’s law that protects vulnerable adults from exploitation. Section 825.1035 now permits an injunction to protect our state’s most vulnerable residents from various types of exploitation. The statute offers a civil remedy to stop financial or physical abuse by freezing financial accounts and allowing for an injunction to keep the exploiter away from the vulnerable adult. Although the statute initially provided a form, the Florida Supreme Court asked the rules committees to develop a standard form for use throughout the state.