Jun 12

Goethe Appointed to Rules of Judicial Administration Committee

Jeffrey S. Goethe, Esq.

The President-Elect of The Florida Bar, Dori Foster-Morales, has appointed partner Jeffrey S. Goethe to a three-year term on the Florida Rules of Judicial Administration Committee. The committee’s Internal Operating Procedures describe the scope and purpose of the committee:

The Rules of Judicial Administration Committee (the “Committee”) was established pursuant to Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.140 to consider proposals for changes to the Florida Rules of Judicial Administration and to serve as a rules coordinating committee for all rules committees of The Florida Bar. The Committee is to be composed of attorneys and judges with extensive experience and training in an area of practice that calls for regular, frequent use of the rules, who will serve for 3-year staggered terms. The Committee will also include at least 1 member from each of the other rules committees to serve as a liaison to that committee.

Florida courts today face significant challenges with rapidly changing technology and public health concerns, so Mr. Goethe expects the assignment to be challenging, demanding, and rewarding.

Mr. Goethe has served a total of four three-year terms on the Florida Probate Rules Committee which proposes changes to the court rules that specifically govern probate and guardianship cases. June 30th marks the end of his second term as chair of the Probate Rules Committee.