Aug 18

Goethe Awarded Emeritus Status Within Local Inn of Court

Goethe Awarded Emeritus Status
Local Inn of Court

Jeffrey S. Goethe, a partner with Barnes, Walker, Goethe, Perron & Shea, PLLC, has attained Emeritus status as a Master of the Manatee American Inn of Court. Emeritus status is granted for past members who have served as a member of an Inn of Court for at least 3 years. The website for the American Inns of Court, the National Organization with local chapters, such as the Manatee Inn, describes the organization as, “…an association of lawyers, judges, and other legal professionals from all levels and backgrounds who share a passion for professional excellence. Through regular meetings, members are able to build and strengthen professional relationships; discuss fundamental concerns about professionalism and pressing legal issues of the day; share experiences and advice; exhort the utmost passion and dedication for the law; provide mentoring opportunities; and advance the highest levels of integrity, ethics, and civility.”

Mr. Goethe is an alumnus of the Goodrich-Grimes Inn of Court, joining as a Barrister in 1995. He is also an alumnus of the Thomas C. Penick Elder Law American Inn of Court, the nation’s first Elder Law Inn of Court.

The Inns of Court are based upon the English Inns of Court, which served as the source for training English Barristers, dating back to the 13th century. Philip Packer, an ancestor of Mr. Goethe, was “called to the bar” of the Middle Temple Inn of Court in London, England, allowing him to represent clients as a Barrister before the court, in 1647.