March 6

2020: A Challenging Year for Probate and Guardianship Attorneys

2020: A Challenging Year for Probate and Guardianship Attorneys

“Challenging” might be the best adjective for what we all experienced in 2020. Probate and Guardianship attorneys were also affected by changes to the probate and guardianship rules of procedure. In an effort to summarize those changes, I authored an article for the Florida Bar Journal. It seemed like the rules changed faster than we could update our forms and office procedures, but we’re adapting.

Here’s a link to the article:

2020: A Challenging Year for Keeping Up With Changes to Probate and Guardianship Rules and Statutes

August 24

Important Insurance Suggestion for Home Buyers!

Important Insurance Suggestion for Home Buyers!

Now is the time that tropical disturbances in the Caribbean form and strengthen to tropical depressions and even tropical storms or worse, hurricanes. Therefore, you may want to consider contacting your insurance agent now in advance and obtaining binders for your homeowner’s policy and any required flood insurance policy as soon as possible.

August 5

ACTEC Issues Statement Condemning Racism

American College of Trust and Estate Counsel

The American College of Trust and Estate Counsel recently issued the following statement:

ACTEC is a non-partisan, apolitical organization. However, the College considers the historical, continuing, and devastating impact of institutionalized racism against people of color in our society to be a humanitarian, rather than a political issue. Individually and collectively, we will never, and should never, forget the shocking video images of the brutal murder, now formally charged, of George Floyd. ACTEC will not be silent in the face of these events but will state here affirmatively: ACTEC condemns racism in all its forms. ACTEC will continue to strive to be, and publicly commits to be, anti-racist. ACTEC agrees that as we strive to be an anti-racist society, we cannot attain that goal without acknowledging that Black lives matter.

ACTEC acknowledges that, in a culture and society where white supremacy has been institutionalized, systemic racism exists; therefore, a failure to embrace strong anti-racist practices and policies will merely perpetuate racism. While we remain committed to maintaining a diverse and inclusive environment, we too must do more as a College. We pledge to take additional anti-racist actions, and we encourage all ACTEC Fellows to actively strive to eliminate all forms of racism in their personal and professional lives. ACTEC acknowledges and accepts that, in time, we all will be judged not only by our words, but also by our actions.

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