Jan 9

The “No Closing” Closing

1. Can Barnes Walker handle your real estate or loan closing if you live out of state and can not attend closing? No problem. Barnes Walker can overnight deliver or, if the lender approves, fax to you all the documents necessary for you to sign at closing. (E-mailing is a possibility in the future, once permitted by lenders.) Monies also can be delivered overnight or wired to Barnes Walker by buyers and from Barnes Walker to sellers.

2. Would you like a Barnes Walker attorney to go over the documents with you as if you were sitting at closing? No problem again. Let the paralegal handling your closing know in advance, so that she can schedule the attorney to go over each document with you over the phone.

3. Can Barnes Walker handle a closing of real estate located outside of the county where it is located? Absolutely. Barnes Walker can and does handle closings of real property outside of Manatee County, Florida. It is licensed and authorized to handle closings of real property in all 67 counties of Florida. Barnes Walker’s attorneys are title agents in good standing with Chicago Title Insurance Company, one of the largest title insurance companies in and known throughout the United States, and Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund, Inc., the largest title insurer in Florida, for whom Barnes Walker is one of its “Top 50” title agents. Further, Barnes Walker is authorized to close loans for all the following lenders:

AmSouth Bank
Bank of America, N.A.
NationsBank, N.A.
First Union National Bank
SouthTrust Bank
Northern Trust Bank
SunTrust Bank
Regions Bank
First Federal Florida
First National Bank & Trust of Manatee
Countrywide Home Loan, Inc.
Others (call for more information) Chase Manhattan Morgage Corp.
Metropolitan Mortgage Company
Huntington National Bank
American Bank
Century Bank
Manatee River Community Bank
Liberty Savings Bank
Norwest Mortgage, Inc.
CTX Mortgage, Co.
Federal Housing Administration (FHA)
Veterans Administration (VA)

For further information on what you need to know about the “No Closing” Closing, please contact BARNES, WALKER, GOETHE, PERRON, & SHEA, PLLC, 3119 Manatee Avenue West, Bradenton, Florida, 34205. Telephone: 941-741-8224. Facsimile: 941-741-8225. info@barneswalker.com