Apr 9

Why you need a Barnes Walker real estate attorney at closing

Buying a home or other real property is the largest investment most people undertake during their lifetime, from both a financial standpoint and an emotional standpoint. Attorneys are in a unique position to be a great asset for buyers, sellers, real estate agents, developers, contractors, lenders, mortgage brokers and other people dealing with real estate for the following reasons:

1. Only attorneys can create and draft legal and enforceable contracts, agreements, documents, loan documentation, and other instruments relating to real estate to solve problems and reduce verbal agreements to writing. It is very comforting to know that any problems that may arise can be dealt with quickly, legally and thoroughly to allow the closings to occur as scheduled.

2. Attorneys are trained to research and examine the title to property. Most real estate attorneys examine their own title and therefore correct what needs to be corrected and prepare all documentation needed to accomplish a smooth closing. Should there be any problems with the title, the attorney has the skill, training and experience to prepare whatever documentation is necessary to correct the problem. A real estate attorney is a title plant, title company, escrow agent and law office all wrapped into one comprehensive package and in one convenient location.

3. Most attorneys have a client base that is extensive and dynamic. Attorneys often need to refer clients to a real estate agent, lender, developer, contractor, or other person, client or entity and this can be a valuable source for obtaining referrals or leads. Real estate attorneys often rely on referrals as well, so working with an attorney, as opposed to against one can be very profitable. Also, real estate attorneys do not compete with real estate agents or lenders.

4. Attorneys continuously negotiate and mediate various situations, problems, and disputes on a daily basis. All successful real estate attorneys are deal makers (as opposed to deal breakers) and work hard to keep transactions “glued” together and to manage the crisis until the crisis is over. This is important because it allows the option of having a third party (the attorney) available to mediate the problem, bring the parties to an agreement, draft the agreement, and therefore allow the closing to occur as planned. Real estate attorneys also can review all contracts, agreements, and other documentation for legal sufficiency and enforceability as well as design any additional contracts or documentation necessary for a smooth and uninterrupted closing. Attorneys take the unexpected and the surprises out of closings, because it is the unexpected and the surprises that create problems. Attorneys can also assist and advise in post-closing matters and questions such as homestead issues, how the transaction affects their estates, how title should be taken, and most other questions that may arise.

5. A real estate attorney’s presence and expertise can help protect a real estate agent, lender, buyer or seller, developer, or contractor from potential liability for present and future problems that may arise. Attorneys are trained to spot potential problems and plan accordingly so that once the closing has occurred it is a “done deal” for all parties involved.

6. Real estate attorneys are rigorously educated and trained by three years of law school after obtaining their four year undergraduate college degree and then through mandatory yearly minimum continuing legal education requirements. Real estate attorneys also receive a number of publications that they closely review to keep up with the latest trends and developments in real estate and other closely related areas. These continuing legal educational and reading requirements are very important because they give an attorney a very clear, broad perspective on all aspects of real estate and therefore enable the attorney to consider, advise, or discuss all issues dealing with real estate and incorporate the latest issues into any documentation.

7. Real estate attorneys’ compensation is not a commission and typically not based upon whether you buy or sell real estate or not, nor is it calculated based upon a percentage of the price. Therefore, their advice to you can be purely objective, since they will be paid regardless of your decisions. Thus a real estate attorney’s advice provides you with not only the expertise you need, but also the peace of mind and protection you need in making your decisions that can only come from honest advice. Further, you can minimize your attorney’s fees to Barnes Walker. See Paragraph 9 below.

8. At BARNES, WALKER, GOETHE, PERRON, & SHEA, PLLC, and Barnes Walker Title, Inc., our success in handling real estate and loan closings and the practice of real estate law can be attributed to our adherence to the following goals, which we designed to benefit our clients whether they be real estate sellers, buyers, real estate agents or loan officers:

a. To expend the time and effort necessary to properly service our clients and the other parties to closings.

b. To provide closing services as fast or faster than our competitors whether they be title companies or attorneys.

c. To keep our rates and fees at or below those of our title company competitors.

d. As a value-added service for no additional fee, to have an attorney who is also an owner of the firm to review all documents and to be present at each closing to prevent, and have the skill, experience and authority to solve, any problem that may arise.

9. Finally, Barnes Walker charges a flat fee of only $600.00 to advise you regarding, and to prepare, a typical residential real estate contract, and if you use Barnes Walker to handle the closing on your contract and provide the title insurance, there are no other fees related to the contract preparation.

The above are just a few advantages that point out the real value of a Barnes Walker attorney when dealing with real estate or real estate related matters. Only with a Barnes Walker real estate attorney can an overall and comprehensive service be offered at the same competitive pricing, speed and service as title companies. Using the services of a real estate attorney, especially a Barnes Walker attorney, whether for handling the closing or for review, is a smart business decision for all, as it is imperative to get it right the first time.

For further information on why you need a Barnes Walker real estate attorney at your closing, please contact BARNES, WALKER, GOETHE, PERRON, & SHEA, PLLC, 3119 Manatee Avenue West, Bradenton, Florida, 34205. Telephone: 941-741-8224. Facsimile: 941-741-8225. email@barneswalker.com